Case Study Amazon Web Services August 25, 2016

Case Study: Signiant Saves Time, Money, and Improves Security with CloudCheckr

About The Case Study

In 2012, Signiant began offering customers the ability to transfer large files using its Flight and Media Shuttle SaaS solutions. Early on when Signiant only had one development account and one production account, they found tracking changes and costs of their Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts manageable. As customer demand for their SaaS solutions grew, so did their use of cloud infrastructure. 

Within months, Signiant had nine AWS accounts for various departments in the company including pre-sales, development, and production. Tracking changes, forecasting costs and monitoring for security across this many accounts became increasingly difficult and time-consuming. 

Download the case study and learn how Signiant:

  • Saves money by proactively managing costs across their AWS infrastructure

  • Automates the purchasing on reserved instances (RIs) to optimize AWS spend

  • Improves security by managing numerous changes to AWS reserved instances (RIs)

  • Provides their finance team with self-service tools to obtain up-to-date costs for AWS investments

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