White Paper Multi-Cloud June 14, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Cloud for Public Sector

Enhancements to Amazon’s GovCloud (US) and Microsoft’s US Gov regions continue to accelerate cloud adoption in the federal space. But migrating to the cloud represents a seismic shift away from traditional IT practices for federal agencies and higher education. To help guide these organizations, we’ve bundled some of our best documents together. Download this guide to learn the best steps to strengthening your security and meeting requirements.

In our Government Clouds for Federal Agencies: The Public Sector Guide to IaaS Success, we tackle the essentials of the cloud from a federal perspective. We take you through the key compliance frameworks that apply to governmental agencies, examine the types of IaaS offerings available and provide you with introductory guidance to cloud best practices.

Public sector organizations must adhere to strict compliance standards to protect the security and integrity of their data. The Improve Your Cloud Security Posture: The ISSO Audit Survival Guide outlines best practices for improving cloud security posture and offers five action points you should implement right away.

We often learn best by example, so we’re also including a Cornell University Case Study within our Ultimate Guide. Cornell University sought help consolidating 65 individual Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts under one, and they wanted to improve governance and manage costs. They successfully consolidated their separate AWS accounts, used CloudCheckr’s public sector expertise and credentials to maintain compliance in the cloud, and improved cybersecurity across their ecosystem.

We’ve bundled some of our best documents together. Get the Ultimate Guide here.

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