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How to Build a Successful Cloud Services Business

Real Results from CloudCheckr Business Partners

How do you ensure customer-centric service delivery while driving growth and staking out a competitive position?

CloudCheckr helps managed service providers answer this question with ease. Our business partners see faster growth, increased profit margins, and greater service enablement, all while optimizing cost, security, and resources and gaining visibility into their cloud environments.

In this eBook, you’ll hear directly from CloudCheckr business partners and discover how to:

  • Help customers save money on their cloud bills and ensure that you don’t absorb the costs of doing business
  • Provide customers with security monitoring, compliance checks, and other industry best practices
  • Take advantage of go-to-market, pre-sales, and sales resources from CloudCheckr
  • Demonstrate the value you bring to every step of the customer’s cloud journey

“We’ve seen our margins grow by almost 20% since leveraging the CloudCheckr platform in our reseller business. Without it, we were seeing our partner and consolidated billing discounts slip away to customers, or back to AWS. I honestly have no idea how we could operate at scale without CloudCheckr.”
Mike Atkinson, Senior Cloud Engineer, JHC Technology (an Effectual Company)

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