Use best practice checks to analyze security configs and quickly identify issues, then leverage Automated Self-Healing, Fix Now, and Always Fix to resolve.


In this episode of Get Started Fast with Cloud Management, Customer Success Manager Casey Sukhavong identifies high priority security issues with CloudCheckr best practice checks. Our 540+ checks, the majority focused on security, help enterprises avoid security breaches. Easily drill into security checks from high to low priority in the CloudCheckr cloud management dashboard and see what needs to be actioned and how to execute a fix. Learn how the ‘Fix Now’ feature of best practice checks can be used for a one-time security fix or set to automatically fix whenever the issue occurs. From the dashboard, export your security best practice checks and setup notifications of new issues. From the ‘Availability’ tab of the CloudCheckr dashboard, review your zones, confirm availability of resources, and edit your tags. Let’s get started.




Get Started Fast with Cloud Management
Start exploring the benefits of cloud management software for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud in three easy steps—sign up for our free 14-day trial, activate your account, then connect your cloud. Now with Get Started Fast, you don’t have to go it alone. Join series host Kristen Valencia and Team CloudCheckr as they guide you step-by-step through comprehensive cloud management. Along the way, learn how to manage and allocate costs, optimize spending, and save money. Explore how advanced automation takes the guesswork out of managing your cloud by freeing up resources with dynamic automation. See the shared responsibility model of cloud security in action with unified secured configuration, activity monitoring, and IAM tracking. Then take the next step in cloud security, Total Compliance, to ensure your cloud infrastructure is audit-ready for regulatory standards. Let’s get started.

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