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How Public Cloud Delivers the World's Most Loved Media

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What you’ll learn


  • How to calculate the ROI of cloud workflows vs on-prem
  • Ensuring your assets are secure and managing the governance of your cloud services
  • Manage and optimize cloud costs with immediate results

What if you could scale content delivery to a global audience without breaking infrastructure?


The cloud has built a new kind of infrastructure. One that’s specifically designed for the business of creating and distributing content at scale. We’ve entered the age of content meeting cloud. It’s flexible, custom, agile, and most important—global.

But what about large investments in your own custom-built IT stack. And already well-established content workflows. Adapting to cloud services causes concern for intellectual property security. Plus, the production and distribution of an infinite amount of content to an endless number of screens is not for the timid.

From streaming media giant Netflix to gaming sensation Rovio, the world’s best-loved brands deliver and secure their media and content with cloud services. Are you watching this transformation or participating? Our guests on this CloudCheckr Live are at the forefront of this shift. Join Ray Thompson of Avid and Michael Kammes of BeBop Technology for Are You Watching This: How Public Cloud Delivers the World’s Most Loved Media. Sponsored by CloudCheckr.

Meet the Speakers

Our panel of experts will inspire you to push boundaries and create exceptional customer experiences using the power of the public cloud.


What is CloudCheckr Live?

CloudCheckr Live is our new remote learning series—connecting you with experts across timezones—to bring the latest insight and education, in a roundtable discussion, on accelerating cloud adoption across enterprises, public sector, and managed services.

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