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How Public Cloud Delivers the World's Most Loved Media

  • August 4, 2020
  • CloudCheckr Live
  • Free to Attend
What you’ll learn


  • How to calculate the ROI of cloud workflows vs on-prem
  • Ensuring your assets are secure and managing the governance of your cloud services
  • Manage and optimize cloud costs with immediate results


On-premises is a great way to go over budget.

Over the years, studios have invested in the facilities and the people it takes to handle production and post-production in-house. More control. More security. That’s the idea.

What actually happens can be very different. Along with that sense of control comes a constant change in the tools. Continuously retraining people. Every new version of the software or small update in a codec could set you back weeks. It’s a struggle and expensive to keep your facility up to speed.


The cloud makes production cheaper, faster, and collaborative.

Major film and TV productions are now fully operational in the cloud. They’re avoiding the downtime of updating systems or maintaining complex systems. Workflow and asset management available in the cloud is making it easy to increase profits by producing more with less.


Introducing CloudCheckr Live. Remote learning with the right people.

How about some proof? Our approach to advocating entertainment business in the cloud is totally transparent. We deal with actual stories of real success from the people who benefit the most. That’s why we created CloudCheckr Live events. They are designed for total engagement with people in the industry already using cloud infrastructure. Building it. And managing it. 

These are not webinars. These are open discussions in which everyone is a participant. Live, current, and productive. It’s your turn to take the mic.


What is CloudCheckr Live?

CloudCheckr Live is our new remote learning series—connecting you with experts across timezones—to bring the latest insight and education, in a roundtable discussion, on accelerating cloud adoption across enterprises, public sector, and managed services.

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