The Reclaim Your Cloud Virtual Event – Enterprise IT Day

In this multi-session virtual event, you’ll learn practical methods and best practices for optimal public cloud ROI and how to build business strategies around cost optimization, security, and automation.

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Cloud isn’t just an investment; it’s an opportunity.

As a technology manager, your responsibility is to understand and help express the true benefits of a digital transformation. It’s for that reason that calculating your cloud infrastructure return on investment (ROI) not only requires focusing on financial gain, but other business imperatives as well, like reducing risk and improving operational efficiency.

61% of cloud practitioners say they do not do a good job managing cloud usage and costs, according to a 2021 survey conducted by Dimensional Research. In this summit, we will teach you how to reclaim your cloud budget by giving you a guide to bolstering ROI with effective cost monitoring and optimization, security and compliance, and automation. Your organization can apply these strategies at any time regardless of your stage in the cloud journey.

When you save time, money, and personnel hours on IT, you not only reclaim your budget—you also reclaim your ability to focus. Imagine delivering new services to customers, enabling your business stakeholders, tacking high-value IT activities, and more.

Meet the Experts

Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

Business Intelligence Analyst, FP&A | ellucian®

Mike Kelly is a BI Analyst within the Enterprise BI team at Ellucian with a background in Finance and Data Analytics. He manages AWS cloud cost optimization efforts across the organization; supporting both technical and financial stakeholders utilizing cloud cost reporting and business intelligence methodologies.

When not working (or in a pandemic), Mike enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and 1 year old. He’s a big fan of the Eagles (football), Phillies (baseball), and Union (soccer) and is on a mission to find a craft beer he doesn’t like.

Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson

Manager IT Cloud Services (Europe), Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe Limited

Paul Anderson currently operates as a European lead for a world leading insurance and financial services group that operates globally with a remit for digital transformation and cloud adoption. He has 20 years of experience within the IT industry, starting originally as a service desk analyst and progressing to a Senior IT Leader, and has worked with enterprise organisations and as a managed services provider.

Paul is a technologist at heart with a passion for innovation, DevOps and cloud computing. As a seasoned IT professional and leader, he prides himself on using strategic vision, commercial acumen and technical capability to deliver quality services to the customer.

Mike Routier

Mike Routier

Senior Cloud Cost Analyst, Choice Hotels International

Mike is a highly motivated Cloud Cost Analyst, driven by customer satisfaction and a passion for streamlining processes that maximize revenue. He leverages FinOps principles along with a deeply technical background to drive business initiatives around reducing cloud spend, improving cloud footprint awareness, and managing cloud governance controls. Mike has been with Choice Hotels for 16 years.

Mike Kaplan

Mike Kaplan

Chief Marketing Officer, CloudCheckr

As Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Kaplan is responsible for leading CloudCheckr’s marketing strategy and the marketing organization. Mike has more than two decades of marketing experience across several business-to-business technology sectors, including enterprise software, data analytics and cloud.

Previously, Mike served as Chief Marketing Officer of ENGIE Impact, a sustainability services and software company, where he helped the company scale globally by building demand and awareness for the company and its category. Mike also led marketing for Retroficiency, an award-winning analytics platform company, which was acquired by ENGIE Impact.

Prior to ENGIE Impact and Retroficiency, Mike held marketing and strategy roles at, or served as clients, a variety of technology brands that include Yahoo!, HubSpot, Dassault Systems and Verizon.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts in media studies from the University of Rochester and a Master’s of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management.

Jen McCabe

Jen McCabe

Director of Account Management, CloudCheckr

Jen McCabe is the Director of Account Management at CloudCheckr, where she manages a team focused on growing and managing Enterprise customers, optimizing and securing their cloud infrastructure.

Prior to her time at CloudCheckr, Jen spent 15 years in the software industry, including three years as a Business Process Solution specialist at Microsoft, and 2 years as a Sr Account Executive at UiPath. Jen is a graduate of the Sidhu school of Business at Wilkes University, and currently resides in St Louis, MO.

Todd Bernhard

Todd Bernhard

Product Marketing Director, CloudCheckr

Todd Bernhard has been in Product Marketing at CloudCheckr for 4+ years. Prior to that, he was at Sun Microsystems for 16 years and more recently ran his own award-winning, bestselling mobile app business for a decade.


1:00 pm ET
How to Steady Your Cloud Bill and Start Taking Control of Your Costs

Learn how to optimize costs with lasting impact. If a year of unpredictable demand and operational uncertainties has your cloud budget in disarray, these best practices are for you.

1:35 pm ET
Mastering Security and Compliance for Maximum ROI

Security failures can become costly and completely negate your cost-saving efforts. Follow our proven strategies around policy enforcement, monitoring and compliance to avoid wreaking havoc on your cloud environment and overall ROI.

2:10 pm ET
Automation Activated: Why You Should Spend Less Time Doing More

Make tedious and error-prone processes a thing of the past by leaning on automation. We explain why your manual efforts are costing you when it comes to ROI—and give you tips on how to fix it.