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Standard resale margins for cloud services are thin—typically only 3-7%—but with CloudCheckr CMx profit enhancement capabilities, our partners regularly see margins increase to 20% or more. CloudCheckr CMx enables managed service providers (MSPs), cloud solution providers (CSPs), and resellers to amplify their cloud services practices and increase margin capture by 300% or more, all while boosting customer engagement and satisfaction. Leverage the following key features and watch your margins grow.

CloudCheckr Margin Enhancement Features

Unshare Reserved Instance Savings

CloudCheckr CMx enables MSPs, CSPs, and Resellers to buy Reserved Instances (RIs) and turn a substantial profit on these purchases. RIs offer a discount of up to 72% off on-demand pricing, but due to uncertainty of upfront cost, consistent usage, and platform or region, end-customers often ignore the cost savings potential. This presents an opportunity for partners to step-in, assume the costs and risks of purchasing reservations, and profit by reselling the capacity. However, cloud vendor bills automatically spread RI discounts across customer accounts. To fully capture margin, the partner needs to recast the original bill, which is time-consuming and error-prone, given the complexity of the billing reports.

That is where CloudCheckr CMx steps in. Our cloud management platform provides partners with an automated process to write RI usage back to on-demand rates. By doing this, partners can bill customers accurately while capturing the savings they achieved by purchasing RIs—with no manual spreadsheets required.

Automate Savings Plan Deallocation

Similar to RIs, AWS Savings Plans provide an additional way to purchase reserved capacity for sizable discounts from on-demand compute pricing. Unfortunately, Savings Plan benefits also get distributed to end-customer accounts in AWS billing reports, based on the customer’s compute usage.

With CloudCheckr CMx Savings Plan Deallocation, partners can purchase Savings Plans centrally at the master account level and automatically charge customers on-demand rates for usage, limiting the spread of the Savings Plan discounts across customer accounts.

Uncompress Volume Discounts

CloudCheckr CMx ensures that partners can charge customers the actual on-demand prices for services, instead of the at-cost rates they are incurring. For many services, AWS provides progressively greater discounts as usage increases—and without CloudCheckr CMx, the diminished charges are displayed on the end-user’s invoice. As AWS creates tiered pricing for resources across a consolidated bill, CloudCheckr CMx is able to uncompress these pricing tiers to present a custom cost that is more accurate for the usage quantities and appropriate charges for individual accounts. AWS also provides volume discounts on RI purchases, which can be reversed out of an individual customer’s bill; CloudCheckr CMx will only apply volume discounts if the customer meets the requisite levels of consumption.

These features enable CloudCheckr partners to charge each customer as if they are using a resource at full price. By doing this, partners are able to realize the profit associated with the aggregated service usage.

For distributor partners, CloudCheckr CMx offers a multi-tier cost manipulation engine. All of these features can be utilized by a distributor and be simultaneously leveraged by their reseller customers to enhance margins and drive operational efficiency.
Pinpoint Credit Assignments

Partners use the CloudCheckr CMx Credit Summary report to track and allocate credits received across their account hierarchy. Cloud vendors automatically distribute the benefits of each credit equally across the account population—even if the partner should maintain the full value of that credit based on the economies of scale of their practice.

CloudCheckr CMx has a credit assignment feature that helps partners control which account receives each credit. Instead of automatically spreading the benefit across customer sub-accounts, partners can assign credits to their master account and enhance margins through the associated cost savings.

Add Custom Charges and Usage Rates

CloudCheckr CMx Custom Charges and Usage Rates provide an opportunity for partners to implement and maintain a fully-customized price book within the platform. These features allow partners to add customized uplifts or discounts to a customer’s bill, as either a percentage or an absolute amount, and limit those charges to apply only to certain services, accounts, regions, tags, and more. The description of the charge is editable and each charge is visible to the customer in CloudCheckr CMx advanced reporting. Similarly, CloudCheckr CMx enables partners to alter the hourly rate for any service in a cloud provider’s catalog, including changing the per GB rate for AWS CloudFront, and apply charges on a per-instance basis.

CloudCheckr partners use these features to charge their customers for added professional services, offer discounts or apply uplifts, and build margin on resources they have deployed for preferential rates.

Expedite Billing and Invoicing

Partners that administer billing for end customers know that using native reports to support that process can be incredibly time-consuming. With the help of CloudCheckr CMx, partners can enjoy simple billing and invoicing at scale. Once all of the margin enhancement features have been configured, CloudCheckr CMx enables our partners to quickly and easily bill their customers for services rendered. CloudCheckr CMx has a native invoice generator that automatically produces white-labeled invoices for each customer. Partners can itemize invoices based on any parameters, or choose from a number of pre-built invoice formats. Invoices can be scheduled to send on a specific day of the month via PDF or CSV, and can be integrated with other business systems by using our API.

With CloudCheckr CMx billing and invoicing tools, partners can more efficiently scale their practice and automate the billing process for their entire book of business. In turn, they save time and resources, which leads to higher profitability and better productivity.

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With CloudCheckr CMx, reselling cloud services becomes simple, scalable, and profitable. Our partners report that our feature set reduces average billing processing time from more than six days to less than 12 hours on average, while automatically increasing margins by more than 300%. Instantly drive profitability and power your cloud resale practice with CloudCheckr CMx customizable margin enhancement tools.