Blog   |   Managed Services   |   June 21, 2021

How to Amplify Your Cloud Margins with CloudCheckr CMx

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Growing your cloud practice can be challenging if you’re a managed service provider (MSP). You want to stand out from your competitors, build and retain your customer base, and find ways to increase your cloud margins all while managing day-to-day operations.

Standard resale margins for cloud services average just 3 to 7%, and customer churn is high. Time-consuming manual billing processes and lack of insight into cloud cost optimization can be killers for MSPs who want to succeed.

Enter CloudCheckr CMx. CloudCheckr’s cloud management platform bring MSPs Total Visibility into their customers’ cloud environments. With CloudCheckr CMx, MSPs can:

  • Simplify cloud management for their customers
  • See faster, more accurate billing
  • Increase margins by 20% or more


Ready to grow your cloud practice?

Learn how MSPs can amplify cloud margins with CloudCheckr — and what current business partners have to say about the platform. Click the preview below to see the full image.


Four challenges MSPs face when trying to grow their business and how they can amplify cloud margins with CloudCheckr

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Grow your cloud margins and your business

The world’s largest cloud solution providers have joined the CloudCheckr business partner program. CloudCheckr helps business partners grow their cloud practice, increase their profitability and customer loyalty, and improve their business operations.

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