Blog   |   Managed Services   |   December 22, 2020

Azure Expert MSP Verification Audit Checklist

CloudCheckr empowers certified MSPs, CSPs, Resellers, System Integrators, and Advanced Consulting Partners worldwide to run their cloud as a business. The CloudCheckr cloud management platform (CMP) unifies cost, security, and governance for multi-cloud deployments. Partners of all sizes trust us to manage and optimize public cloud environments so they can effectively grow their practice, increase profitability, improve business operations and confidently meet the expectations of third-party validation audits for next-generation partners.

Upon completion of the registration process and setting up of the necessary credentials and permissions, CloudCheckr will load valuable partner information about who is spending money in the cloud, what services are being used, how are these services being used, how are security controls being implemented, where are potential configuration vulnerabilities or concerning activities, and what has been the history of my usage, costs, configurations, and controls.

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