Blog   |   Managed Services   |   August 10, 2021

New eBook: 36 Managed Cloud Services You Can Bring to Your Customers Right Now

Organizations moving to the cloud increasingly recognize the need for external expertise, services, and tools to grow business. This creates the perfect market opportunity for managed service providers — if they can position themselves against their competitors and deliver value to these customers.
We’ve compiled 36 managed cloud services that MSPs can bring to market that address organizations’ most pressing needs. In this eBook, you’ll learn which cloud services capabilities you need and how to package them to meet customer demand. You’ll also learn what resources leading MSPs are taking advantage of to speed up monthly billing, increase cloud security, and enhance customer experience.

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This eBook will show you which managed cloud services you can bundle together for categories such as:

Cost and Resource Optimization

By optimizing cloud costs and resources, MSPs can help drive continued cloud innovation for customers. With high-quality cost and resource optimization services for your customers, you can help them: 

  • Stay on budget and remain aware of their costs at all times
  • Predict cloud spend through actionable recommendations and automated optimization
  • Follow cost and utilization best practices by building and maintaining Well-Architected cloud environments


Cost Allocation

MSPs can provide customers’ internal departments with accountability and transparency for their billing, invoicing, and resource utilization. Using a cloud management platform, you can break down cloud costs and help your customers: 

  • Enable stakeholder visibility through a more meaningful level of detail and additional insight into cloud bills
  • Free up internal resources and reduce time spent performing manual billing and cost allocation tasks
  • Easily track asset inventory through robust tagging policies and practices


Security and Compliance

Ensuring a secure cloud environment that aligns to regulatory and stakeholder requirements is critical for MSPs. With the right cloud management platform — including reporting, monitoring, auditing, and alerting tools — you can address customers’ security and compliance concerns and empower them to: 

  • Mitigate business risks with clear insights into cloud security and compliance posture
  • Streamline remediation processes with automated mitigation of security and configuration issues
  • Adhere to comprehensive frameworks for security and compliance by setting granular policies and permissions


Our Guide to Differentiating and Growing Your Business with Managed Cloud Services

In our eBook, 36 Managed Cloud Services You Can Bring to Market Today, you’ll learn how to bundle these managed cloud services and bring them to market. Our eBook covers the tools of the trade you need to improve operations and increase customer loyalty. You’ll also discover the resources leading MSPs are taking advantage of to bring efficiency, clarity, and governance to their customers.

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