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Article Resource October 13, 2016

Gartner Symposium: Eight Cloud Management Sessions We Wouldn’t Miss

We are always looking to grow our expertise to influence and integrate best practices into the CloudCheckr platform for our customers. As we aim to stay on top of key trends and factors driving the cloud management space, we’re heading to the annual Gartner Symposium next week to do just that.

Will you be at the Symposium? We’d love to meet up and discuss cloud strategies. Connect with our CTO Aaron Newman.

With four days of information-packed sessions, the event centers around how CIO and IT leaders can grow their business with confidence in a digital world. As we peruse the agenda, one thing is clear: understanding and optimizing cloud management will be a topic to pay attention to. Here are a few sessions we’re looking forward to catching:

Hype Cycle: Cloud Computing

In a high-growth space like cloud computing, it can be hard to stay informed. We’re looking forward to Gartner’s annual update on the key trends in this space as it continues to grow and transform businesses.

Driving Cost Optimization Through Cloud Computing

We spend a lot of time planning for the myriad components of cloud cost management. Naturally, we can’t wait to hear what Gartner thinks are some of the biggest challenges and barriers to managing cloud costs—and how they align with our own thinking around AWS cost optimization.

Ask the Analyst: Is the Cloud Secure Enough?

Steve Riley from Gartner will cover some frequently asked questions surrounding cloud security. We’re especially curious to hear an expert analyst perspective on choosing the right cloud provider, and how they believe Amazon Web Services stacks up. We’re also hoping Steve addresses the role the right tool can play in optimizing visibility and governance to improve cloud security.

Gartner Essentials: Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2016-2017

Gartner’s Earl Perkins will look to the year ahead to assess future trends and threats in the security space. As we aim to proactively build new CloudCheckr capabilities, analyst insight will be especially useful to understand converging forces influencing technology leaders of all kinds.

Roundtable: The Cloud, is it Right for Your Organization?

Managing the data of a growing business can be a challenge for any organization, particularly when considering where and how to manage all that data. We’re looking forward to hearing a roundtable assessment of how cloud management can offer added clarity with the right level of visibility, automation, and governance. We’re also anxious to hear what outstanding concerns plague new cloud users as they begin their journey with cloud management.

Ask the Analyst: Megavendors on the Cloud Spectrum — How CIOs Must Understand Vendors Overall Cloud Strategies

This discussion promises to be an interesting one, covering the many facets of the cloud management vendor landscape. We can’t wait to hear where they see tools like CloudCheckr on the spectrum of cloud offerings, as well as how Gartner interprets the strategies of some of the largest players in the space.

Check Point Software: Securing Hybrid Clouds and the Software-Defined Data Center

As a leader in cybersecurity, we’re sure Check Point’s session will offer some solid advice to enterprises moving rapidly through the cloud adoption experience. We’re curious to hear what they deem as the most critical considerations around planning for cloud users.

The Cloud Computing Scenario: Cloud — the Last 10 and the Next 10 Years

AWS and the cloud space has changed dramatically since its debut in 2002, and the past ten years have seen exponential expansion and transformation. We can’t wait to hear what Gartner experts view as the core drivers of growth in the next ten—and what businesses should be aware of as they aim to simplify and optimize their cloud.

We’re looking forward to a week full of learning and connecting with our peers and Gartner experts. We hope to see you there!

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