Blog   |   Multi Cloud   |   March 23, 2017

A Letter from the CEO: CloudCheckr Funding and Future

Earlier this week, we announced the news of our Series A funding from Level Equity. As Democrat & Chronicle reports, CloudCheckr’s funding is not only validation of our proven expertise in public cloud management—the cloud infrastructure space as a whole is clearly poised for a year of explosive growth. 

CloudCheckr CEO Aaron Newman shares his thoughts on the news below:

Here at CloudCheckr, we have been overwhelmed with the growth of the market for IaaS. Just under 6 years ago, our idea of building a platform to help manage workloads in the cloud was just forming. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to provide that platform, to make cloud adoption easier, and to make our little mark on the technology world.

Last week was a major step on our journey. Until that point, CloudCheckr had taken less than $1 million of outside funding. Our growth and success was all based on organic boot strapping of our business. That hard work paid off last week when CloudCheckr announced a $50 million Series A funding from Level Equity.

This funding is important for many reasons. But the primary one is to give our partners more of what they need. CloudCheckr has always been an engineering company. We have always focused on building awesome products, not on trying to out-market or out-sell others. This funding won’t change that. Our focus will remain on building the most robust, scalable, feature-rich platform we can and provide it to you at the most reasonable price we can deliver it. This investment will allow us to accelerate our growth and give us the resources we need to become the leading Cloud Management Platform. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in building more technology and improving what we have already. We know that is what our customers want.

Our biggest thank you goes to our partners who made this possible. Without these loyal set of people, we would not be here. We thank you and we promise you we will continue to give you all we can.

Read the full press release here.