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News Billing & Invoicing July 15, 2019

CloudCheckr Extends Industry-Leading Cost and Billing Management into Hybrid Cloud Environments

A complete picture of organizational IT costs now possible from VMware and Azure Stack to the public cloud, enabling sophisticated enterprise cost control.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. — July 15, 2019 — CloudCheckr, the most comprehensive Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for finance, security, and compliance, announced a new fully-automated cloud finance tool today bridging public and private cloud environments. CloudCheckr FinanceManager for Hybrid Workloads allows organizations to optimize large and complex hybrid cloud deployments.

CloudCheckr FinanceManager for Hybrid Workloads is designed to give financial operations a complete picture of IT costs across their organization’s hybrid cloud infrastructure. When utilized with CloudCheckr’s innovative cloud management platform, IT teams tasked with enterprise-wide cloud adoption gain a comprehensive view across their private and public cloud environments enabling complete optimization and unparalleled cost control. 


Jeff Valentine, Chief Product Officer at CloudCheckr, said, “Hybrid cloud users are challenged to collect IT cost data from multiple sources including public clouds and local resources, often resorting to spreadsheet accounting and other manual processes. This method can be a logistical nightmare that’s not only labor-intensive but also prone to human error. With the introduction of CloudCheckr FinanceManager for Hybrid Workloads, IT financial managers and managed service providers now have a much simpler way to charge and account for the cost of hybrid workloads, helping prevent costly manual mistakes.”


The software assists IT finance managers with the conversion of the cost of capital expenses and premise infrastructure into industry-standard hourly rates. Customers can also assign custom rates, so they can set profit margins, apply discounts, or allocate charges in line with the actual cost of their resources.

Valentine added, “CloudCheckr FinanceManager for Hybrid Workloads brings clarity to the complexity of private cloud costs, helping large organizations improve their bottom line by making business units more accountable for both their pay-as-you-go and data center resource usage. For MSPs, we now provide valuable insights into the way each customer consumes hybrid cloud. They can leverage this data to improve customer IT efficiency or increase their profitability through a more sophisticated pricing structure for their services.”

The new offering is the latest addition to the CloudCheckr cost optimization, cloud security, and compliance suite creating an industry-leading platform for hybrid cloud management.

CloudCheckr FinanceManager for Hybrid Workloads is available for early release customers starting August 1st, 2019 and will be generally available in the fourth quarter of this year.


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Only CloudCheckr provides one dashboard cloud management across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure with independent cost management and comprehensive security & compliance built for the scale of modern enterprises and public sector. Our multi-functional platform—cloud cost optimization, cloud security, cloud compliance, and cloud automation—is highly configured for the unique needs of services providers (MSPs) and federal agencies. With 550+ Best Practice Checks, CloudCheckr simplifies the way IT, finance, and security teams improve cloud governance, strengthen security posture, automate key tasks, and save money in the cloud. For more information about CloudCheckr, visit, connect with CloudCheckr on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or subscribe to the CloudCheckr Resource Center.


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