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News Multi-Cloud May 1, 2019

CloudTech: You’re Not Seeing the Savings You Expected from Multi-Cloud

This abstract was originally published as “You’re not seeing the savings you expected from multi-cloud – so what do you do now?” in CloudTech by Josh Quint


A recent Gartner report estimated that 80 percent of organisations will overshoot their cloud budgets by 2020 because of a lack of optimisation. Obviously, this frustrates executives. It’s particularly hard to deal with in the case of multi-cloud environments, where each provider’s bill might be a million-plus lines long.

If your organisation is among those with surprisingly high multi-cloud costs, rest assured: it’s possible to align costs with expectations. Here, I outline a strategy that will help you do so by addressing the root causes.


Moving an in-house data centre to the cloud requires more than a simple lift-and-shift. That’s doubly true for multi-cloud, where certain architectures can substantially increase what you pay for cloud services.


Using software like CloudCheckr can help this process; these apps analyse costs and make recommendations about how to lower them. You’ll need a knowledgeable cloud professional to evaluate the recommendations in light of your specific business goals.


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