Use of artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise in information technology (IT) and data centers, according to AI Business.

Rajiv Kanaujia
Rajiv Kanaujia, Head of Operations at NetApp

Can the market expect further increases in AI for IT in 2022? That’s what AI Business asked several industry experts, including Rajiv Kanaujia, Head of Operations at NetApp (and previously the vice president of operations at CloudCheckr before our acquisition).

Here’s what Kanaujia had to say:

“When Tesla started to use Giga Press for building large casing (car-bodies), it was breaking away from the traditional car building approach. Now the same strategy is being adopted by half a dozen car companies.
“On the same line, I believe that the battle between traditional IT and cloud native/cloud-centric IT approaches will continue and will get more heated.
“The winners will be companies that moved to cloud native/cloud-centric IT approaches before others, gaining competitive financial leverage. The leverage gained will be used to develop new products and offerings, and grow the company.”

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