State and local agencies are on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. As part of the fight, leaders are making monumental adjustments to day-to-day operations and processes as they navigate the unknowns caused by the Coronavirus. Extending license renewal dates, expanding online registrations for life cycle events, and retooling essential services like utility crews to respond safely during the crisis are among the dozens of examples of how agencies are adapting.

But as leaders in the public sector, we can’t let challenges — not even a global pandemic — derail plans to future-proof our organizations. It’s more important than ever for us to streamline and upgrade our capabilities to better serve the public. And for those who think balancing digital transformation projects and the current challenges of COVID-19 is an impossible task, Consider this: This virus shouldn’t stop your agency’s path toward a better future. It should accelerate it.

No matter how mature your digital operation, there are three components that can prevent disruption from occurring when evaluating (or re-evaluating) your digital strategy in the face of COVID-19.


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