The AWS Cloud Management Tools (CMT) Competency Program helps customers identify solutions from qualified AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners that enable their cloud strategy by delivering operations and governance best practices.

To receive the AWS Competency designation, CloudCheckr underwent a rigorous technical validation related to industry-specific technology, as well as an assessment of the security, performance, and reliability of our AWS solutions in the two CMT categories.


CloudCheckr Achieves AWS Competency Status for Cloud Management Tools in Cloud Governance and Cost Optimization

CloudCheckr is a launch partner in the new AWS Competency Program for Cloud Management Tools revealed today at AWS Summit Atlanta.


Cloud Governance

APN Partner solutions in this category aim to simplify the management of AWS resources. They provide policy-driven guardrails to track, report, alert and act on configuration changes and non-compliant resources or actions. They easily integrate with AWS management tools and external third-party solutions to drive governance of a customer’s cloud resources.

CloudCheckr provides integrated security configuration and activity monitoring for your multi-cloud environment. With hundreds of automated configuration and security checks, CloudCheckr is purpose-built to strengthen your cloud security posture and help you meet compliance mandates.


Resource and Cost Optimization

APN Partner solutions in this category help customers gain visibility into their AWS accounts and see exact workload costs, resource utilization, chargebacks, and more. Once cost visibility is achieved, APN Partner solutions provide resource and cost optimization recommendations to help customers maximize their AWS investment.

CloudCheckr’s advanced cost management solution helps you make sense of every detail in your cloud ecosystem. The platform automates critical cost management actions such as budget alerting, cost allocation, and invoicing. You’ll gain purchasing strategies and recommendations, right-sizing of your environment with alerts for idle or unused resources, and 550+ essential best practice checks.


We’re proud to be included in this inaugural class of AWS Competency. Once again demonstrating CloudCheckr’s leadership in cloud management, offering a unified view of the entire public cloud, helping customers improve governance and save money.

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