News News September 11, 2017

CloudCheckr Update Helps You Check Your Bucket List

S3 Buckets have been in the news and it’s important to understand the Shared Responsibility Model. We even have a webinar on the topic. To help you stay on top of such items, we offer plenty of options to create custom reports. Our latest update lets you add a list of S3 buckets directly to your custom reports. This can be helpful, in conjunction with our free S3Checkr.com tool which lets you check the public or private permissions of an S3 Bucket.





Continuing with security issues, our integration of the Center for Internet Security’s benchmarks has been a big help for organizations trying to follow agreed-upon best practices for security. We added a check to ensure VPC flow logging is enabled in all Virtual Private Clouds. This corresponds to the CIS’ Networking Control 4.3.

We like to say if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is why we added Inventory Tag support for several AWS services, including Glacier, DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Lambda, and Key Management Service, to our AWS Inventory Management feature.



Microsoft likes to add locations in pairs, for high availability purposes. They are preparing to launch two locations in South Africa, North and West, so the app is ready for them to come online. We also integrate with the official Microsoft Azure Advisor checks and Security Center checks. A recent addition to those checks includes SQL DB Advisor recommendations. For example, we can recommend creating elastic database pools so you accommodate increased demand and still meet performance expectations.


To learn more about these and other new features, check out our Support site.

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