CloudCheckr, the enterprise cloud management platform, with availability on AWS in all regions plus the AWS GovCloud and secret regions, today announces new additions to its software suite at the AWS Public Sector Summit 2018 conference in Washington, DC. Total Compliance joins its existing Cost Management and Security modules to form the only comprehensive cloud management platform that also meets the strictest federal compliance standards.

AWS GovCloud (US), the platform for public sector software and compliance-focused solutions for regulated IT workloads, bolsters the ability of government and government-related organizations to transform and modernize their digital operations using the cloud. Now, with CloudCheckr’s Total Compliance module, organizations and agencies can automatically and continuously monitor their cloud infrastructure on Amazon AWS for compliance with more than 30 standards, such as PCI, HIPAA, and NIST 800-53.  In addition, the Total Compliance module allows CloudCheckr customers to remediate those issues and provide audit logs for third party verification of compliance.

“Public sector organizations are increasingly called upon to be compliant with many different standards in the cloud,” said Jeff Valentine, chief product officer at CloudCheckr. “Our customers want to demonstrate that their workloads in the cloud are safe and secure. CloudCheckr has deep experience in cybersecurity and cost management, and now our new Total Compliance module extends our industry leadership in cloud management.

Federal, state, and local governments, and related organizations, use AWS GovCloud (US) to gain the benefits of moving to the cloud, and can now use CloudCheckr Total Compliance to maintain the strict regulatory, compliance, security, and privacy needs of that sector.

Since 2011, CloudCheckr has provided the cloud management platform of choice for both cost optimization and security. Over $2 billion of annual spending on the cloud is managed by its software-as-a-service and Amazon Machine Image products today. Customers such as large service providers, enterprises, and government and government-related organizations use CloudCheckr to increase efficiencies, strengthen security, and optimize costs with its cloud management platform. With its certified AWS Government Competency status for expertise in highly secure cloud environments, CloudCheckr offers continuous security monitoring, policy enforcement and usage visibility to support meeting a variety of compliance requirements in the sector, including standards driven by FISMA, HIPAA, FedRAMP, DFARS, and more. CloudCheckr is also one of the only platforms available to run in an air-gapped environment for AWS secret region customers via the AWS Intelligence Community Marketplace, while also offering TS-cleared staff and consultants to assist with implementation and support.

“Public sector organizations are keenly aware of the productivity and security rewards of digital transformation, recognizing the cloud’s ability to increase security and productivity amid heavy compliance requirements,” said Aaron Newman, CEO/Founder at CloudCheckr. “The addition of Total Compliance to our suite of products makes us the largest all-in-one solution for cost, security, and now compliance for both the private and public sectors.”