Cloud management platforms (CMPs) took center stage at this year’s AWS Summit San Francisco, a free event designed to spark collaboration and inspiration in the cloud computing community.

This year, the emphasis on cloud partnerships and managed service providers (MSPs) was prominent. Featured vendors such as CloudCheckr, a Rochester, New York-based CMP, enable organizations to improve visibility, optimization, security, and governance in the cloud.

According to a 2017 McAfee report, Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky, more than 90 percent of cloud security professionals stated that they were using some type of cloud service in their organization, and many are now operating under a cloud-first strategy.

Establishing partnerships is the key to making the most of growing opportunities in the public cloud, according to CloudCheckr’s Vice President of Partnerships, Steve Hall. SiliconANGLE Media’s theCube hosted Hall to discuss the services CloudCheckr provides to its partners. He opened up to hosts John Furrier and Stu Miniman about the competitive advantages CloudCheckr offers MSPs.

“We focus on a management layer that sits across a multi-platform environment,” Hall said. “We make sure you have that unified, single pane of glass that everyone wishes for, but doesn’t know how to get.”

It can be cumbersome for service providers to manage costs in multi-cloud environments, despite basic tools offered by cloud vendors, according to Hall. With insights from CloudCheckr’s unified dashboard, service providers can focus on cost management across multiple accounts, services, and providers.

Cost optimization and data security are often the biggest challenges organizations face while adopting a cloud-first approach, which is why Hall said it’s vital for MSPs to build partnerships.

CloudCheckr’s Powered by CloudCheckr Partner Program delivers co-developed product, sales, and marketing strategies to more than 200 MSPs. Those strategies include white-labeled product offerings, actionable sales tools, and joint go-to-market opportunities to help accelerate innovation and generate revenue. Combined with personalized consultation and training services, the program equips CloudCheckr’s MSP partners with powerful competitive differentiation in the marketplace.

“It’s all about connecting with people inside your community,” Hall said.

Interested in growing your company around the most advanced cloud management platform available? Join the CloudCheckr Partner Program to take your cloud practice and profitability to the next level.