With many people still working at home, data centers that enable the cloud are playing an important role in making work possible and enabling much of the current world’s economy.  Even after the pandemic ends, it is likely that people will be using the cloud to do more things and to create more options for getting jobs done.  This piece will explore some recent developments related to data center operation from Zerto, Sios, CloudCheckr, Zettar, Infinidat and Packet.

CloudCheckr’s CTO Jeff Valentine said told me that digital storage is the number one attack vector for data leaks because many security breaches are related to misconfigured storage.  Many of these misconfigurations are due to people making mistakes.  The company’s product provides visibility of problems, including with digital storage by checking cloud operations against 600 best practices each day.  The company provides services to large enterprises, MSPs and government agencies.


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