Business leaders are asking themselves hard questions about their organizations’ technological capacities as Covid-19 continues to disrupt daily life. Are we equipped to scale up quickly? Can our people do their jobs as effectively from home? Is our technology stack working as it should, or are there efficiencies to be gained?

For the growing number of businesses that rely on a managed service provider (MSP) for cloud and IT operations support, answers to these questions depend on the capabilities of the vendor.

Engaging with an MSP that doesn’t understand your business goals or lacks the right technological capabilities can cause challenges. Layer in the disruption caused by Covid-19 and these challenges grow exponentially. With the wrong partner, your tech environment could be threatened by inefficiencies, limitations, and misaligned resources. Whether you are vetting a new MSP relationship or reevaluating an existing provider, the right questions are critical.

By asking these tough (but fair) questions and knowing what to listen for, you can help ensure the relationship with an MSP is indeed the right fit.

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