A big reason why we all use clouds these days is to save money from running our own server rooms and data centers. But, if you don’t use clouds correctly, you can still lose money.


Who’s in charge of your cloud? It’s not an easy question, in fact, it’s usually complicated. As Jeff Valentine, CTO at CloudCheckr, a cloud management company, explained, “Every public cloud measures its resources in a different way, so it’s common for users to have difficulty tracking their cloud budget each month, which can lead to overspending or underutilizing. Cloud governance can be daunting to many large enterprises that have to consider utilization and cost management as well as overall security and compliance, but the key here is visibility. Visibility into all applications and workloads in each public cloud, and insights into cost and cloud spend, will allow users to gain control over their environment and prevent things from spiraling to the point of no return.”


Like IT itself in 2020, the cloud touches every aspect of an enterprise. Only by getting everyone on board to do right by the cloud, can you expect to realize the dream of actually cutting IT costs. But, this isn’t a pipe-dream. You can save money with the cloud. You just have to manage it right. With these tips, you can start turning the dream into reality.

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