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News News August 29, 2017

CloudCheckr Update Focuses on Best Practice Checks

CloudCheckr knows a thing or two about Best Practices. With over 450 Best Practice Checks, you can leverage the expertise of countless experts rather than make your own mistakes. This week’s update boosts CloudCheckr’s Best Practice capabilities even further.




The Center for Internet Security, or CIS, has their own set of Best Practice benchmarks to ensure security best practices are being followed. A new check that we have added is to ensure security contact information is registered with AWS. We also make sure you can see if each CIS Benchmarks is Scored or Not Scored so you can see, at a glance, if you are meeting security recommendations.


We added Unused Resources to the Azure Cost Savings Report, which previously had Idle Resources. Now you can see more opportunities to save and stop paying for resources you aren’t using at all or are barely using.

Previously, with our Azure functionality, you had to drill down into each Azure account to review the Best Practice Checks for that account. Now, with our Multi-Account View, you can see all of the Best Practice Checks for all accounts under your control. This makes it a lot easier to manage many accounts and get the big picture. Speaking of Best Practices, we like to say we have over 450 Best Practice Checks with more being added weekly. In fact, the actual number is over 480! This week we added a check for Azure SQL Servers without a Failover Group, which will help administrators ensure high availability.

To learn more about these and other new features, check out our Support site.

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