ROCHESTER, N.Y. — November 7, 2019 — CloudCheckr, the total visibility platform that makes managing public cloud infrastructure easy, announced today its initial support for AWS Savings Plans in the CloudCheckr platform at no additional charge to all customers.

Savings Plans is a new pricing option from Amazon Web Services that allows its customers to receive discounts on cloud computing bills in exchange for purchase commitments. Like Reserved Instances (RIs), Savings Plans can provide a significant discount compared to using compute resources on-demand. Unlike RIs, however, Savings Plans provide greater flexibility on how these savings can be applied across consolidated bills and reduce the risk of unused commitments due to a changing infrastructure.

The analysis and tradeoffs associated with all the various options drive up the complexity of cloud finance and cloud purchasing groups within enterprises and resellers. CloudCheckr, a leader in cloud cost optimization with $3 billion managed in annual cloud spend, is uniquely positioned to support AWS Savings Plans, and to help enterprises and resellers navigate the numerous pricing options now available to them.


“Our customers use CloudCheckr to build confidence in their ability to manage their cloud infrastructure by providing total visibility over their cloud IT environment,” said Jeff Valentine, Chief Technology Officer at CloudCheckr.  “As experts in cloud management best practices, CloudCheckr insulates our customers from complex changes imposed by cloud providers. We have been working with AWS for some time to build support for this new option, and today we are the first cloud management platform to support it.”


Starting today, CloudCheckr is ingesting AWS Savings Plans data and offering initial support for Savings Plans on several of its reports. More AWS Savings Plans features are anticipated in the near future, as the company gathers feedback from customers.

For a consultation on how to leverage AWS Savings Plans today, schedule a free interactive demo or visit CloudCheckr at the AWS re:Invent 2019 conference, December 2-5, where the company is a Gold Sponsor in the Expo Hall. For more information on AWS Savings Plans, visit the AWS Savings Plan page Savings Plans for AWS Compute Instances.


Before making a purchasing commitment, be sure to read our article on how CloudCheckr cloud management platform can leverage automation to automatically start and stop instances and ensure you stick to a schedule that optimizes your specific Savings Plan.



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