The interview covered the report’s research around cloud migration trends and enterprises’ security and cost concerns as well as the mass shift to SaaS-based solutions during the pandemic.

McKinnon also highlighted two very surprising statistics from the report:

  • A full 50% of respondents are managing their IT infrastructure with spreadsheets
  • Perhaps as a result, a staggering 94% have incurred unexpected cost overages in their cloud environments

McKinnon commented on these results and the importance of cloud management:

“I don’t know that there’s any other piece of a business that would so routinely have such massive cost overruns yet people would still manage it in spreadsheets… I don’t think people realize that there are tools out there to help them manage this complexity at scale, help them address some of the security concerns [and] monitor their environment so that it’s optimized, secure, [and] meeting their compliance needs.”

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