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CloudCheckr for AWS

Cloud Management Platform for Cost, Security, Utilization, and Inventory

Recognize the Full Potential of AWS with CloudCheckr

Amazon Web Services is a powerful solution for organizations to innovate and grow their business faster. As organizations transform their business leveraging the power of AWS, they need total visibility, actionable intelligence, self-healing automation and business accountability to make the most of their cloud investments. With CloudCheckr, enterprises, service providers, and government agencies can manage a hyper-dynamic, ephemeral, and elastic cloud environment as usage and demand grows.

AWS Competencies are granted to APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.
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Comprehensive Visibility and Control for AWS

CloudCheckr turns complexity into clarity, delivering actionable insights and automation to mitigate security risks, optimize cloud spend, and increase operational efficiencies. CloudCheckr is a comprehensive cloud management and governance platform that sits on top of AWS environments to provide customers complete visibility and control over siloed data from across AWS infrastructure.

CloudCheckr CMx is fully integrated with AWS management tools, including AWS Control Tower for account creation along with AWS Trusted Advisor and the AWS Well-Architected Tool via API integration, all to ensure best practices are followed.

Cost and expense management

Cost allocation visibility, with automatic cost saving recommendations to optimize spend.

Proactive security monitoring

Continuous perimeter assessment across AWS services to identify threats and reduce the attack surface.

Compliance and audit assurance

Unified configuration and activity monitoring to provide a complete audit history and ensure compliance.

Inventory & utilization

Complete asset visibility, with rebalancing recommendations for Reserved Instances, On-Demand, and Spot Instances.

Scheduled backups and snapshots

Automatic start and stop for idle and unused resources, with security group cleanup to streamline operations.

MSP & reseller toolkit

Tailoring invoicing, billing, and chargeback tools to enable AWS resellers to drive profitability and grow their business.


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