Automation for AWS

Save time and reduce spend by automating critical cost, security and resource management tasks in AWS

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Free Up Valuable Time and Resources with Automation

Manually monitoring and managing security, cost, and usage in AWS can be a time-consuming process. CloudCheckr CMx can improve the productivity and efficiency of teams by automating key tasks in AWS, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

With CloudCheckr CMx, you can easily monitor and optimize spend allocation, security, and resource utilization with the extensive analytics and automation tools. CloudCheckr CMx lets you automatically start and stop idle instances, identify unused resources, receive alerts for vulnerabilities, clean up snapshots and more — everything you need to manage your cloud at scale.

CloudCheckr is fully integrated with AWS management tools that you already rely on, including our AWS Control Tower integration for account creation. Our technology partners provide AWS users with additional capabilities around usage metrics, alerts, multi-factor authentication and more.

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Automate Your AWS Environment with CloudCheckr CMx

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Security & Compliance

Identify gaps in compliance standards with automated remediation for numerous misconfigurations and view up to seven years of SnapBack reports for audit purposes

Automatic Right Sizing

Reallocate, resize, modify, terminate and adjust Reserved Instances, Redshift and RDS clusters, and DynamoDB to match capacity needs based on recommendations from historical data and Heat Maps

Automatic Snapshots

Automatically capture and clean up snapshots of each AWS service that is part of your deployment to view the total count, regions where the services are located, estimated costs, status and other statistics

AWS Control Tower Integration

Automatically create CloudCheckr accounts when creating accounts using AWS Control Tower and streamline onboarding by eliminating manual tasks and potential for error

Deeper Insights & Management at Scale with Integrations

Automatically integrate metrics from Datadog, generate alerts with PagerDuty, leverage Multi-Factor Authentication with Okta and automate management with Turbot and Skeddly

Automatically Find & Fix Issues

Take advantage of the hundreds of best practice checks for cost, security, compliance, and utilization including numerous one-button-click fixes

What Can Automation Help Your Organization Do?


“One customer was spending a significant amount of time writing Lambda scripts to manage snapshots. The automation CloudCheckr provided around cleaning up security groups and snapshots reduced overhead, while allowing them to focus more on their actual environment and applications.”
Mike Atkinson
Senior Cloud Engineer, JHC Technology (an Effectual Company)


“The CloudCheckr change reports and best practice recommendations shows me if access permissions in our security groups for an AWS account provide users greater access than needed to do their job. That lets us immediately fix the vulnerability before it turns into a true security issue.”
Dave North
Director of DevOps, Signiant

Automation Is Built into Everything We Do

There’s a better way to manage and optimize your AWS resources.

See what the automation tools in CloudCheckr CMx can do for your team’s productivity.

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