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Differentiate Your Managed AWS Services

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and resellers are tasked with meeting the emerging needs of end-customers in AWS. CloudCheckr CMx delivers unique cost optimization, security, compliance and asset management services that create differentiation for AWS resellers and provide value for their client base.

As a CloudCheckr partner, you have access to the cost allocation tools in CloudCheckr CMx, which combines cost optimization, security, compliance and resource management capabilities that allow you to expand your managed service offerings. Our robust cloud management platform enables you to see faster, more accurate billing for cloud services and add services and leverage discounts to increase margins by as much as 700%. With CloudCheckr by your side, you also receive dedicated support, training, and resources from our team to help you drive profitability and continued business growth.

CloudCheckr CMx can help you ensure that your customers meet the standards for a Well-Architected AWS environment. The platform is fully integrated with AWS management tools to help you bring best practices to your customers, including AWS Trusted Advisor and the AWS Well-Architected Tool via API integration.

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See A New Way to Manage AWS Services with CloudCheckr CMx

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Expanded Service Offerings

Grow your AWS business with unique cost optimization, security, compliance and asset management capabilities

Accurate Cost Allocation

Increase AWS resale margins through list price translation, advanced grouping and other billing tools to ensure that every customer is charged correctly

Increased Profits by Arbitrage

Purchase Reserved Instances or Savings Plans at a discounted rate, choose how much of the savings to share with clients and add margin via custom rates and charges

Faster AWS Billing

See faster, more accurate billing for cloud services through reports and cost allocation tools in CloudCheckr CMx

White-Labeled Cloud Management

Ensure consistent, high-quality delivery with white-labeled reporting that puts your brand at the center of the customer experience

Business Partner Support

Receive dedicated support, training and resources from our team of AWS cloud management experts

How Leading MSPs Are Growing Their AWS Business with CloudCheckr


“We’ve seen our margins grow by almost 20% since leveraging the CloudCheckr platform in our reseller business. Without it, we were seeing our partner and consolidated billing discounts slip away to customers, or back to AWS. I honestly have no idea how we could operate at scale without CloudCheckr.”
Mike Atkinson
Senior Cloud Engineer, JHC Technology (an Effectual Company)


“The robust system within CloudCheckr helps hit on different areas related to the Well-Architected Review. We can take that tool and plug it into the environment very quickly… We deploy CloudCheckr and then are able to look at the data from multiple angles from a Well-Architected Framework to demonstrate where customers currently are and then have that conversation around where they want to be.”
Shiley Johnson
Director of Operations, Eplexity

Grow Your AWS Services with CloudCheckr

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CloudCheckr helps AWS resellers and service providers — including top tier MSPs — grow their profitably while differentiating themselves in the marketplace. Ready to see your business do the same? Schedule your CloudCheckr CMx demo today.

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