Cost Management for AWS

Total visibility and actionable savings recommendations for AWS expenses

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Ready to Save 30% or More on Your AWS Costs?

It’s easy to lose sight of monthly AWS expenses and savings opportunities with the cloud’s pay-as-you-go model. CloudCheckr brings new insights into your AWS spend through customizable dashboards and in-depth reports, all in a single robust cloud management platform.

CloudCheckr CMx includes an advanced cost query engine that surfaces the most detailed level of information available to properly analyze consumption and associated costs. Continually optimize your AWS spend in CloudCheckr CMx with current and historical spend analysis followed by actionable recommendations, such as volume discount purchase options for Reserved Instances and Savings Plans. With CloudCheckr’s AWS billing tools, you can drill down on cost allocation data for precise billing and invoicing and to plan for upcoming AWS expenses.

CloudCheckr CMx includes access to the AWS Well-Architected Tool via API integration to ensure that you can follow best practices and meet the Well-Architected standards around cost optimization.

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Total AWS Cost and Billing Management in CloudCheckr CMx

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Spend Optimization

Identify savings opportunities in AWS with predictive analytics and resource purchasing recommendations for Reserved Instances, Savings Plans and more

Right Sizing & RI Rebalancing

Pinpoint waste due to idle and unused resources, automate resource resizing and ensure every dollar is continuously optimized in AWS

Pre-Built and Custom Best Practices

Configure and review best practice checks to proactively identify savings opportunities, such as idle, underutilized and unused resources

Cost Allocation

Gain instant visibility into spend across disparate AWS services and providers with Advanced Tag Management including Tag Mapping and Tag Splitting

Invoicing, Billing & Chargebacks

Automatically create and schedule invoices for multiple AWS accounts, business units, departments and application owners

Expense Management

Review detailed billing analytics and set alerts to ensure total governance over your AWS expenses

Real Cost Savings for Real Customers


“In one month, we saw a 25.4% cost reduction in terms of month A to month B spend. With an ever-changing and growing cloud environment, we continue to do things like put Reserved Instances in play based on the recommendations from CloudCheckr.”
Gary Derheim
Vice President of Managed Services, PTP


“Not only did I cut 10% off our budget but I ended up hitting closer to a 30% cut on our AWS spend, and that was directly related to being able to go into CloudCheckr and drilling into the different reports in the billing area.”
Brent Bain
Lead Cloud Architect, Best Friends Animal Society

Ready to Optimize AWS Costs? CloudCheckr Can Help.

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