Resource Inventory & Utilization for AWS

Complete asset visibility with right sizing and purchasing recommendations to manage your cloud at scale

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Turn Chaos into Clarity with CloudCheckr for AWS

Choosing the right AWS services means striking a balance among performance, efficiency and cost savings. CloudCheckr CMx can help you manage your dynamic AWS environment, especially as your usage and demand grow.

The utilization tools and metrics in CloudCheckr CMx help you take back control over your AWS inventory to know exactly what you’re using at all times, in all regions. CloudCheckr CMx gives you everything you need to tag, track, manage and right size resources to eliminate wasteful AWS spend.

To help you adhere to AWS best practices, CloudCheckr CMx is fully integrated with AWS management tools, including AWS Control Tower for account creation and AWS Trusted Advisor. CloudCheckr CMx also includes the AWS Well-Architected Tool via API integration to ensure that you can follow best practices and meet the Well-Architected standards around operational excellence, reliability, and performance efficiency.

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A Better Way to Monitor, Manage, Analyze and Optimize Your Resources

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Inventory Tracking

Track assets, manage inventory, set alerts, analyze AWS Config Snapshots and pinpoint resource changes all in a single solution

Resource Monitoring

Receive insights to optimize provisioned cloud resources, including idle or unused assets

Utilization Visibility

Drill down into individual resources or view your entire deployment in a dashboard, summary or Heat Map view

Aggregated Metrics

View critical CPU, network, usage and optionally memory statistics for EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB and more, along with their associated services

Instance Right Sizing

Discover right sizing and rebalancing opportunities across all of your AWS services

Best Practice Checks

Identify idle and underutilized resources, unused reserved resources, Reserved Instance mismatches and more

How Other Organizations Are Taking Back Control of Their Cloud


“CloudCheckr is beneficial from cost, security, and performance perspectives, and it has simplified the process of onboarding customers. It gives us all the services we need, so that we don’t have to use multiple tools to find the same information.”
Shiley Johnson
Director of Operations, Eplexity


“We want everyone to benefit from the agility, flexibility and lower cost of AWS services, but of course some people are reluctant to leave their familiar on-premises data centers. By offering total visibility and valuable recommendations, CloudCheckr helps people feel even more comfortable stepping into the AWS Cloud.”
Sarah Christen
Assistant Director of Community Platforms and Cloudification Services, Cornell University

Full AWS Inventory & Utilization Control

Isn’t it time you took back control of your AWS environment? CloudCheckr can help you get started.

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