Security Monitoring for AWS

Ensure the integrity of your AWS environment with comprehensive security monitoring and best practice checks

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A Complete View of Your AWS Security

AWS maintains the security of the cloud. How are you ensuring security in the cloud? CloudCheckr is the only cloud management provider to combine AWS security, compliance, resource monitoring and cost optimization into a single platform to bring total governance to your AWS environment.

CloudCheckr CMx provides continuous security monitoring to ensure that your AWS infrastructure is appropriately configured and governed. If security vulnerabilities arise, CloudCheckr CMx can automatically mitigate the issues or push them through a workflow for review and fixing.

CloudCheckr CMx includes API integrations with AWS Trusted Advisor and the AWS Well-Architected Tool to ensure that you follow security best practices and meet the Well-Architected standards for AWS security.

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The Next Step in Your AWS Security Strategy

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Configuration & Change Alerts

Monitor critical changes to configurations, resources, security groups and more in AWS

Perimeter Assessment & Monitoring

Identify all publicly accessible resources, open ports, protocols and more with dynamic scans of your AWS environment

Best Practice Checks

Take action on the most critical cloud security and compliance best practice checks originating from regulatory standards, vendor recommendations and our in-house experts, and quickly review hundreds more to assess your overall security posture

User & Permissions Tracking

Automatically track, map and group user accesses, IAM policies and permissions

Log Intelligence

Manage your AWS security through automated log documentation, unified analytics and proactive risk identification

Continuous Compliance

Maintain audit-ready compliance against 35 major regulatory standards and automatically fix key vulnerabilities upon detection

CloudCheckr Helps Leading Organizations Stay Secure


“At first we were mainly interested in the platform’s cost-management features, but we became really excited about how much CloudCheckr can help with security, too. Through the CloudCheckr dashboard, we were easily able to see anyone who was running an affected server in the cloud [during a malware attack] and remind them to apply the patch.”
Sarah Christen
Assistant Director of Community Platforms and Cloudification Services, Cornell University


“We were able to identify some developer teams that had access to a privileged access key that they shouldn’t have had… Because CloudCheckr alerted us to these security events, we were able to launch our own investigation into ‘Where is this coming from? Who is using this?’ and identify the root cause of that issue. We were able to leverage CloudCheckr to start enforcing some stricter policies on the teams.”
Kevin Kang
Information Security Engineer, Leaf Group

Isn’t It Time You Took Back Control of Your AWS Security?

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CloudCheckr CMx brings you continuous monitoring, hundreds of best practice checks and automated find-and-fix capabilities.

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