CloudCheckr for Microsoft Azure

Cloud Management Platform for Cost, Security, Utilization, and Inventory

Actionable Insights to Manage Your Azure Environment

CloudCheckr unifies Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services cloud insights in one comprehensive platform for complete IaaS management and governance. With customizable dashboard alerts and reporting, CloudCheckr offers the complete solution to make the most of your Azure cloud investment.

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Unified Visibility for the Azure Cloud

CloudCheckr delivers an enterprise cloud management platform for Microsoft Azure. Our sophisticated CMP offers control and clarity for leading organizations to manage and optimize their public cloud investments. CloudCheckr offers a single pane of glass for critical inventory and utilization activities to manage and reduce expenses, with intelligent insights to allocate and optimize costs effectively. Security monitoring ensures your Azure cloud stays safe and compliant while you grow.

CloudCheckr is available on the Azure Marketplace.

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Cost & Expense Management

Make the most of cloud spend with customizable daily or monthly budget alerts. Historical monthly summary for budget projections enables planning and predictability for Azure. Right size virtual machines, App Service Plans, SQL databases, and Redis Caches to optimize costs.

Invoicing and Billing

Drive higher margins on Azure resale and service delivery, and leverage rich access controls to delegate visibility to customers. Automated invoice generation enables custom usage rates, upcharges, and discounts. Manage Office 365 billing at the same time.

Inventory Utilization

CloudCheckr provides a unified view of current, trending, and historical state of inventory for a rich set of Azure services. Gain visibility across subscriptions, tags, and resources with advanced grouping and filtering. Track Office 365 Licenses, Mailboxes, OneDrive, Skype, Teams, and Yammer.

Change Monitoring

CloudCheckr provides a historical state of your Azure environment, with daily snapshots and email updates listing changes within your environment, to enable more efficient planning.

Best Practice Checks

Customizable alerting and reports for best practices across your Azure environment.

Security Monitoring

CloudCheckr scans your Azure infrastructure for best practices around secure configuration and allows you to monitor, alert, and search on activity within the Azure control pane and across resources.

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