CloudCheckr for Google Cloud

Cloud Management Platform for Cost, Security, Utilization, and Inventory

Effectively Manage Your Google Cloud Environment

CloudCheckr helps you optimize Google Cloud with a unified view of resources, inventory, usage and more. Active monitoring and dozens of best practice checks keep your cloud ecosystem efficient and secure in real time.

CloudCheckr provides deep insights into a variety of Google Cloud services. Custom alerts and reporting give you the visibility needed to fully optimize your public cloud.


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Security and Compliance for Google Cloud

CloudCheckr actively monitors your Google Cloud environment for security issues, including common misconfigurations and storage bucket vulnerabilities.

Bring together cost and security data into a single pane of glass, gaining insights that keep your Google Cloud safe, compliant, and effective.

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Inventory Utilization

CloudCheckr provides a unified view of cloud resources inventory for a variety of Google Cloud services. Gain visibility across Images, Virtual Machines, SSL Certificates, Snapshots, Subnetworks, VPC Networks, IAM Organization Policy, Project Policy, Service Accounts, Storage Buckets, SQL Servers and more.

Change Monitoring

CloudCheckr provides a historical state of your Google Cloud environment, with daily snapshots and email updates listing changes within your environment, to enable more efficient planning.

Best Practice Checks

Access alerting and reports for best practices across your Google Cloud environment. Protect against common misconfigurations such as publicly accessible cloud storage buckets.

Security Monitoring

CloudCheckr actively monitors your Google Cloud environment for security issues, including storage bucket vulnerabilities, and incorporates alerts and reports to help resolve potential issues.

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