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Skeddly Puts CloudCheckr Recommendations In Action

Skeddly cloud automation
Reduce AWS Waste, Schedule Tasks, and Automate DevOps

CloudCheckr provides a host of reports that can recommend infrastructure changes, but to fully automate such actions, cloud administrators will want to enable Skeddly. The Skeddly integration can start, stop, reboot, launch, and terminate EC2 Instances, schedule snapshots and AMI Images, change volumes, manage S3 objects, workspaces, and many more tasks. In fact, it’s hard to imagine what AWS tasks Skeddly cannot do—and they are accommodating if you have a request.

CloudCheckr Automate is powered by Skeddly, to provide CloudCheckr customers seamless automation for their environment. Skeddly also supports users, policies, credentials, and exceptions, to ensure the right administrators can create scheduled tasks as intended.

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