Strategic Alliance Partners

Take a Unified Look at Your Cloud
CloudCheckr CMx is built to optimize the best features of the major cloud providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud — in a single pane of glass. Learn more about how to optimize your costs, improves your security posture, and gain a comprehensive view of your multi-cloud environment.
Amazon Web Services
CloudCheckr is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with certified competencies for Security and Government. CloudCheckr for AWS provides cloud management for cost, security, inventory and utilization in one unified solution.
Microsoft Azure
CloudCheckr is a Microsoft Azure Gold Certified partner. CloudCheckr for Microsoft Azure offers cost optimization and security monitoring to keep public cloud environments safe and compliant.
Google Cloud
CloudCheckr supports the Google Cloud Platform, empowering enterprises to take inventory of compute instances, storage, SQL Servers and IAM (Identity and Access Management) services, plus Change Monitoring to ensure security.
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