CMx High Security

Get the power of CloudCheckr CMx in an advanced data security configuration — for organizations with stringent regulatory compliance requirements

Achieve the Highest Cloud Security Compliance

Cloud Management Software for High Security

CMx High Security is built to the highest levels of security to allow customers to accelerate their cloud strategy with a solution that meets IT requirements

  • Strengthen cloud architecture in financial services, healthcare and other regulated industries
  • Streamline cloud cost, security, compliance and resource management with one application
  • Get the optimal protection for your sensitive cloud data
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CMx High Security:
Get Compliant. Stay Compliant. 

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Get the highest security standards for your cloud management platform
  • Supports 300 controls in 17 control families from NIST 800-53
  • AI-based threat detection analysis
  • Encryption at rest for all data on the platform; FIPS Compliant
  • Daily vulnerability scans; MFA access required for CloudCheckr staff
Added reliability and disaster recovery safeguards
  • Multi-region disaster recovery targeting 15-minute Recovery Time Objective
  • Backups maintained in a separate region in unlikely event that all availability zones are lost
Security and compliance layer for your infrastructure
  • Hundreds of security best practice checks based on standards, regulations, cloud vendor recommendations and in-house expertise — with automation to address detected issues
  • Compliance monitoring for 35 standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, CIS, NIST and SOC2
  • Align SecOps, InfoSec, DevOps and FinOps with the visibility they need

CMx High Security is built on CloudCheckr CMx, the industry’s most complete cloud management platform.

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Accelerate your cloud transformation with the confidence of visibility and intelligence from a highly secure cloud governance platform that meets stringent IT requirements

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