CloudCheckr CMx

The end-to-end cloud management platform to control cost, ensure security, optimize resources and enable services. Explore CloudCheckr’s platform capabilities and how they can enable better cloud governance for your organization.

Complete Cloud Management

Eliminate Budget Overruns and Reduce Costs by 30-50%

Govern Complex Environments
with 600+ Best Practices

Achieve Multi-Account,
Multi-Cloud Visibility

Public Cloud Management Software

CloudCheckr CMx™ gives you the visibility and intelligence you need to successfully manage and optimize AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. We provide customers with:

  • The industry’s deepest reporting and recommendation engine for better insight
  • A fast, flexble and easy-to-use solution for large, complex cloud structures
  • Capabilities that address unique enterprise, managed service provider and public sector needs

CloudCheckr CMx Platform Capabilities

Cloud Visibility 
Cost Optimization
Security and Compliance
Resource Utilization
Pricing and Billing
  • Dashboards

    Create and share cost data visualizations for executives, administrators and users to understand performance and trends in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

  • Cost Allocation

    Define and associate the businesses, projects or customers responsible for cloud usage at any level of granularity

  • Inventory Management

    View and report on provisioned cloud resources across an organization

  • Trigger workflows

    Initiate actions or alerts to appropriate stakeholders through a preferred collaboration or ops tool

  • Spend Optimization

    Proactively identify savings opportunities, such as idle or underutilized resources, through configurable best practice checks

  • Reserved Instances

    Get recommendations to make RI purchases based on historical usage

  • Savings Plans

    Analyze savings plan usage and performance, identify waste, and optimize cloud spend

  • Automated Right Sizing

    Migrate workloads to the optimum instance configuration at the click of a button or via an approval workflow

  • Security Detection

    Check for hundreds of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and automate fixing many of these issues

  • Compliance Monitoring

    Ensure cloud infrastructure is in compliance with 35 different standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, CIS, NIST and SOC2

  • Change Monitoring

    Analyze changes to infrastructure configurations to maintain a secure environment aligned to internal governance standards

  • Archiving

    Access up to seven year history of audit-ready reports

  • Resource Monitoring

    Receive insights to optimize provisioned cloud resources, including idle or unused assets

  • Instance Right Sizing

    Identify right sizing and rebalancing opportunities across all of your cloud services

  • Performance Metrics

    Get critical CPU, network, memory and usage statistics for EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, Azure VMs and their associated services

  • Utilization Governance

    Set business rules based on your IT and application needs that define and alert on over- and under-utilization

  • Custom Rates and Charges

    Flexibly price and charge cloud services to a distributed set of end consumers and buyers

  • Bill Processing

    Rapidly process large billing data sets and dynamically allocate costs to customers

  • Purchase Arbitrage

    Receive discounts from committed purchases and determine how to charge customers for these cloud resources

  • Automated Invoicing

    Generate white-labeled invoices, via console or API, to charge customers or show them what they are spending

CloudCheckr CMx Under the Hood

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Powerful Business Intelligence

Built to ingest, process, analyze and surface ever-growing volumes of cloud consumption data and provide tools to let you ask and answer questions quickly and easily

Robust APIs

An API-first architecture that allows customers to rapidly integrate CloudCheckr data and reports into complementary tools, applications and business processes

In-Region Hosting

A SaaS platform that can be hosted in North America, Europe or Australia, as well as GovCloud, to meet security and regulatory requirements for where your data is stored

White-Labeling Options

Platform and reporting can be configured to take on our customers’ brand, with premium options like custom landing pages, URLs and more

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