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Industry Report: 2017 Trends in Information Security

About The Report

In their annual Information Security Trends Report, leading industry analyst firm 451 Research shares insights about influential factors and strategies for data security in 2017 and beyond. 451 Research adds expert commentary and strategic tips for companies looking to navigate a changing data security landscape.

The 2017 Trends in Information Security Report explores trends in information security, including:

  • the continued shift towards cloud-based operations;
  • growing interest in automation to prioritize security responses;
  • maturity beyond malware to focus on practical defense solutions;
  • comprehensive cloud solutions to unify security data;
  • alignment for DevOps and cloud workflow and architecture;
  • increasingly complex security requirements to meet IoT needs.

Download the report excerpt to explore how companies should consider aligning DevOps workflows, as well as cloud processes, to best leverage what’s being referred to as “the new IT.”

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