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The Cloud Infrastructure Report 2020

Download this research report and learn how to improve IT visibility and infrastructure-as-a-service ROI with public and hybrid cloud management.

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Today's infrastructure is a mix of cloud and on-premises. Despite the rapid growth of cloud adoption, it remains rare to find large enterprises that have completely abandoned data centers. Explore the reasons why businesses plan to keep a foot on the ground in 2020 and what challenges they still face in cloud migration.

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Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoEs)

Ongoing management of cloud infrastructure is more important than ever. Whether prioritizing CCoEs with headcount or investing in cloud management tools, large organizations in the cloud are choosing to hone in their cloud practice—and are rewarded with an array of benefits.

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Influential Roles

A wide range of job functions is important to the success of cloud implementation. While cloud decision-makers admit the C-Suite has very little involvement in the success of public cloud infrastructure investments, it appears the shortcoming may be due to a lack of visibility.

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