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The Cloud Infrastructure Report 2021

New data on cloud adoption, challenges, and investments for 2021


How has the past year impacted the state of cloud infrastructure in 2021? Read this report for new data on cloud adoption, challenges arising after an unpredictable year, and how investments in expertise and tools are paying off for businesses operating the cloud.


Key findings:

Organizations are increasing their overall use of cloud

Cloud transformation is moving quickly—and faster—than IaaS stakeholders expected. Organizations surveyed indicate that by the end of next year, the industry will see 5x more organizations fully in cloud. Discover what barriers continue to cause friction in the path to cloud adoption, and see why now is the time for Managed Service Providers to get serious about cloud.

Managing cloud costs is an ongoing problem

Cloud cost optimization, security and automation remain top concerns for stakeholders, yet strikingly, organizations are not necessarily internally aligned on how well they are doing today. Find out who is more likely to describe themselves as ‘very confident’ in their company’s ability to monitor and optimize costs: the business side of the house, or IT.

Investments in internal cloud strategies and teams are paying off

Ongoing management of cloud infrastructure is more important than ever. Whether prioritizing with a dedicated Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) or by investing in cloud management tools, large organizations in the cloud are choosing to hone in their cloud practice—and are rewarded with an array of benefits.

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