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CloudCheckr for Cost Management

IT organizations and MSPs often spend more on public cloud than they should. CloudCheckr delivers deep insight and actionable recommendations, together with automated management of Reserved Instance and Savings Plans commitment portfolios through Spot Eco, to achieve the greatest savings possible. 

Cloud Cost Best Practices

Get hundreds of industry and proprietary cost optimization best practice checks for full visibility into savings opportunities

Automate Commitment Plan Purchasing

Intelligently buy and sell Reserved Instances and Savings Plans to take maximum advantage of commitment purchase discounts to save more on cloud — without risk, manual effort or management overhead. 

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Right Size Resources

Pinpoint wasted resources, and get right-sizing recommendations for instances with automated reallocation, to maximize cost optimization opportunities and ensure performance 

Analyze Costs and Consumption

Through an advance cost query engine, get the most detailed level of information available to properly understand your cloud costs

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Automatically Optimize RIs and Savings Plans

Spot Eco, now integrated within CloudCheckr, continually optimizes Reserved Instance (RI) and Savings Plan commitment portfolios to achieve the best pricing for cloud services. Download the datasheet to learn more.

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How Much Can You Reduce Cloud Spend?

Uncover opportunities to optimize your cloud

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