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Managed Cloud Services

Meeting cloud needs across a distributed set of customers and environments can be difficult to do effectively and efficiently. CloudCheckr lets you deliver differentiated services, profitably.

Create Branded Offerings

Manage cloud cost, security, compliance and resources for customers, with your MSP or distributor brand at the center of the experience

Showcase Expertise

Customize rules and governance to differentiate your methodology and deliver tailored visibility to both the C-suite and individual contributors

Standardize Delivery 

Streamline and automate internal operations, training and reporting with a single cloud management process

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Price Flexibly 

Configure custom charge and re-rating models and types (e.g., usage-based, rate structures, support)

Automate Billing and Invoicing

Bill and invoice customers at scale with pricing accurately reflected each and every time

Allocate Costs Precisely

Use sophisticated tag mapping and splitting features to align enterprise-wide cloud usage and costs to individual customers and consumers

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Transform your Cloud Business with CloudCheckr

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