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Grow and differentiate your cloud business profitably, with a platform built to support both you and your customers throughout their cloud journey

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Cloud management technology that lets you own the cloud opportunity.

Managed service providers and distributors are racing to improve their cloud capabilities to meet emerging end customer needs. To accomplish this, many are asking themselves key questions, such as how do we: differentiate ourselves in a noisy cloud services marketplace? Develop a business and operating model with strong profit margins? Deliver services consistently and effectively?

Enter CloudCheckr: the cloud management platform built to power profitable cloud services.


Increase in Cloud Resale Margins


Faster Business Growth with CloudCheckr


Reduction in Invoice Processing Time

Expand Offerings

Grow your cloud business with unique cost optimization, security, compliance and asset management services that create differentiation

Penetrate Target Segments

Address the unique needs of emerging functions – such as FinOps, DevOps and SecOps as well as specific high-security and data residency demands of global enterprises and public sector organizations 

Build Deeper Relationships

Ensure consistent, high-quality delivery with white-labeled reporting that puts your brand at the center of the customer experience

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Increase Cloud Resale Margins

Purchase cloud at the lowest cost possible through automated optimization of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans and implementation of best practice recommendations

Automate Billing and Invoicing

Rapidly and flexibly bill and invoice with pricing you choose, including custom charge and re-rating options tailored for each customer, segment or service type

Standardize Delivery

Streamline and automate internal operations, training and reporting with a single cloud management process

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Automatically Optimize and Manage RIs and Savings Plans

Spot Eco, now integrated within CloudCheckr, continually optimizes Reserved Instance and Savings Plan commitment portfolios to achieve the best pricing for cloud services and help MSPs achieve deeper cost savings while limiting financial exposure. Download the datasheet to learn more.

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Growing Top and Bottom Line

Learn how JHC Technology delivered best practices to enterprise and public sector clients, all the while growing margins by 20%

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Partnering for Cloud Success

See how PTP worked hand-in-hand with a biotech client to optimize cloud costs by 25%

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Transform Your Business with CloudCheckr

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