Resource Inventory and Utilization

Know what you have and ensure the right sizes of the right resources to eliminate waste.

Inventory Tracking

Track assets, manage inventory, and pinpoint changes—complete governance in one unified solution.

Utilization Analytics

CloudCheckr CMx provides critical CPU, network, memory, and usage statistics for EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, Azure VMs and their associated services.

Actionable Insights

Drill down into individual resources or view your entire deployment in one of our dashboard, summary, or Heat Map views.

Spot Underutilized Resources

Identify right sizing and rebalancing opportunities across all of your  cloud services.

Turn Chaos Into Clarity

Instant visibility and automation to keep your cloud resources optimized and provide the exact insight needed to manage any cloud deployment.

Usage Best Practices

Hundreds of best practices to identify idle and underutilized resources, unused reserved resources, Reserved Instance mismatches and more.

Manage and Optimize Spot Instances with CloudCheckr Spot Management

CloudCheckr Spot Management, powered by Spotinst, enables organizations to leverage excess capacity for computing resources at a low cost. Organizations gain seamless visibility and control over Spot Instances, directly within the CloudCheckr platform, to save up to 80% in the Spot Market.


Gain Control of Resource Inventory and Utilization

Choosing the right cloud services is a balance between performance, efficiency and cost savings. CloudCheckr CMx helps turn complexity into clarity by proactively optimizing across clouds to rightsize your fleet and lower costs.


Everything you Need to Manage IT Costs

CloudCheckr Finance Manager is designed to give financial operations a complete picture of IT costs across their organization’s hybrid cloud infrastructure. When utilized with CloudCheckr CMx, IT teams tasked with enterprise-wide cloud adoption gain a comprehensive view across their private and public cloud environments enabling complete optimization and unparalleled cost control.


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