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Get Started Fast with Cloud Management
Start exploring the benefits of cloud management software for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with our 14-day trial and free tutorials. Join host Kristen Valencia and Team CloudCheckr as they guide you step-by-step through cloud cost optimization, billing & invoicing, security, compliance, and automation.
Setting Up Credentials and Ingestion
Let’s get started by setting up credentials and ingestion. In this episode, learn how to configure your account, set up your IAM resources, enable and access your DBR (Detailed Billing Report), and more.
Security and Availability Best Practice Checks
Use best practice checks to analyze your security configuration and quickly identify potential issues, then leverage Automated Self-Healing, Fix Now, and Always Fix to resolve them. Avoid downtime with High Availability checks.
Security Alerts, Cost Alerts, and Change Monitoring
Get notified of changes to your AWS config or CloudTrail by turning CloudCheckr security alerts on/off. Learn how to create custom alerts for unwanted security events and cost activities, and view a detailed log with our Change Monitoring function.
Find Underutilized Resources
Find unused, unattached, or idle resources in CloudCheckr's Cost Savings dashboard. Recognize what you're overpaying for and create custom settings to define what you considered to be "idle".
Manage Custom Credits, Charges, and Billing and Invoicing
Create custom charges at a percentage uplift, or a flat dollar amount, as well as how to share cloud provider credits across accounts to pass the savings on to your clients. Learn how to create invoices grouped by service and/or region for one or more accounts, and how to generate them automatically.
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