Webinar | Managed Services
calendar Sep 16, 2020 1pm ET 1 hour

Amplify Revenue: CloudCheckr for AWS CPPO & SPPO


CloudCheckr CMx is a cloud governance platform that provides total visibility to help customers secure, manage, and monitor their cloud environments. By leveraging AWS Marketplace CPPO and SPPO, Partners can increase their revenues while delivering the power of CloudCheckr CMx to their end-customers. 

But the value of CloudCheckr CMx doesn’t stop with end-customers. Our solution also enables Partners to power their cloud services practice by amplifying profitability and increasing operational efficiency. 

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Attendees will learn:

  • CloudCheckr can be made available to Partners’ end-customers via CPPO / SPPO
  • CloudCheckr enables end-customers to better secure, manage, and govern their cloud environments.
  • CloudCheckr is not just a solution for end-customers! It can also be leveraged by a Partner to power their cloud services practice and increase profits and operational efficiency


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