Webinar | Cost Management
calendar Jul 21, 2020

A 60-Minute Guide to Immediate Cost Savings in the Cloud


July 7, 2020 10am ET / 3pm BST 


Learn how to optimize cloud costs with lasting impact. In March 2020, Gartner polled 317 CFOs about their organizations’ cost-cutting activities. The poll found that the respondent organizations had already reduced costs by “canceling leadership events, delaying capital expenditure investments, and had planned additional cost reductions.” 


With organizations under financial pressure due to recent global events, teams are being tasked with finding quick ways to reduce costs and prove return on investment. The trick to implementing cost-cutting strategies that actually work is being able to sustain them over time. This requires thoughtful considerations that may be a luxury for some.


To lend a hand, our strategists put together a quick guide to help salvage your cloud budget. In this webinar, experts from CloudCheckr, a total visibility cloud management platform, and Steamhaus, a DevOps and cloud consultancy out of the UK, will share thoughtful cost-cutting measures to better manage your cloud bill. 


Attendees will learn about: 

  • Finding underutilized and idle EC2 and VM instances
  • Using automation to save on costs and working hours
  • Taking advantage of discount capacity and various purchasing models
  • Rearchitecting to adopt cloud native technologies (e.g. containers and serverless)