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calendar Feb 20, 2020

AWS Storage Optimization: Reduce Cloud Waste and Improve Performance

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Migrating storage to the cloud is one of the quickest ways to start leveraging cloud technology. Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, offers customizable cloud storage options to suit your needs, such as Elastic Block Store (EBS), EFS, and S3. It’s no surprise then that storage costs represent a significant portion of your monthly cloud bill. 

To make the most of your AWS cloud storage, you should aim to strike the right balance between cost and capabilities and eliminating unnecessary waste. That means optimizing the size, type, and performance of storage—just like you would EC2 instances. 

It’s important to understand the use cases for AWS EBS, EFS, and S3 in order to optimize AWS storage for your business. Join CloudCheckr’s webinar, “AWS Storage Optimization: Reduce Cloud Waste and Improve Performance” to learn the differences between storage types and how you can help your organization save big on cloud storage services this year. 

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Different storage types from a cost and performance perspective
  • Managing permissions
  • How to optimize usage


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