Webinar Resource February 16, 2017

CloudCheckr Can Automate That

About The Video

Productivity and efficiency are staples of any successful operations team. Here inside the CloudCheckr laboratory, our most valuable input has always come from you, the end-user. We heard your feedback and we listened. That’s why we’re excited to introduce CloudCheckr Automate – a new automation tool to reduce your AWS costs and automate your cloud.

Check out this recorded session where we’ll help you determine the settings in your account that make sense to automate and show you how to streamline your changes to production. With CloudCheckr Automate, you’ll be able to:

  • Start and Stop EC2 Instances
  • Delete Unused ELBs
  • Tag EBS Volumes
  • Delete Snapshots
  • Apply S3 Bucket Policy
  • Delete Unused CloudWatch Alarms

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